The following selection shows a small part of our range. Please contact us in the case of further fibre materials.

Carbon fibres

Carbon fibres: fibres made from basic material containing carbon (mainly PAN) transformed by means of treatment by pyrolysis (oxidation and carbonization) into graphite-like carbon, heat-resistant fibre, high solidity and rigidity.

Glass fibres

Fibre from alkali-free special glass, fibres obtained from hot melt, incombustible, good rot resistance, low moisture intake, low elongation, high chemical resistance, UV resistant, heat resistant.

Basalt fibres

Fibre from basaltic rock, fibres obtained from hot melt, high solidity, incombustible, low elongation, good rot resistance, low moisture intake, high chemical resistance, heat resistant, UV resistant.


Chemical fibre on synthetic basis, made from modified (aromatic) polyamide, highly tear resistant and hard-wearing, hardly stainable, extremely low elongation, very good weather resistance but low UV resistance in direct sunlight.

Aromatic Polyester - Vectran®

LCP (liquid crystal polymer) high tear resistant modified (aromatic) polyester, extremely high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, low elongation, low moisture intake, high resistance to chemicals, low UV resistance.

Ceramic fibres

Fibres made from quartz sand and aluminium oxide, blown or spun fibres from the melted mass; high thermal resistance, good electric insulating action and proof to chemicals, incombustible.