Vacuum injection processing

Vacuum infusion processing is a technique that uses dry fibre material (fabric, rovings, mats, layers).The fibres are placed in a mould coated with a mould release agent, on top of it a separating layer and a diffusion medium in order to facilitate the resin flow. A vacuum insulation tape ensures insulation between foil and mould. Then the component part is evacuated by vacuum pumping.

The fibre material is compressed by air pressure and thus fixed. The vacuum effects that the fibres are soaking the tempered resin fluid. When the fibres are fully wet, the resin supply is stopped. The resin-saturated laminate can be released from the mould after curing.

Due to the even and almost bubble-free wetting of the fibres, this moulding technique offers an excellent quality and good reproducibility of the manufactured component parts. The technique is applied already today, e.g. for the manufacture of rotor blades for wind power plants.